While many cells in our body are not actively dividing, we have a poor understanding of the biologically and medically important cellular state of quiescence. 


Our laboratory’s mission is to apply modern approaches drawn from molecular and cellular biology, genomics, biochemistry, computer science and systems biology, chemistry and medicine to gain an insight into the molecular basis of quiescence, and thereby cell cycle control and cancer.

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April 2023

  • Congratulations to Corin Ropp for joining a Biology MSc program at ETH Zurich! Great job Corin!

March 2023

  • Congratulations to our graduate researcher, Kaiser, for presenting at the MBI poster session!

January 2023

  • Congratulations to Laurent on his fantastic presentation at the MCDB Retreat!

December 2022

  • Congratulations to our alumnus, Kevin Sun, on his acceptance to the St. Louis University School of Medicine!

September 2022

  • Welcome to our rotation graduate student, Shania Day!

  • Congratulations to Kaiser on his amazing presentation at Cold Spring Harbor!

August 2022

  • We celebrated Emanuel's terrific summer at our lab with an end-of-rotation lunch. Thank you so much Emanuel!

May 2022

  • Hedi, Abe, and Sean presented at the MCDB poster day!

  • Jackson presented at Geffen Advanced Research Showcase!

  • Many of our undergraduates presented for the UCLA Undergraduate Research Week. Congratulations to Hedi, Gwen, Chloe, Rui, Lorena, Sean, Alex, Vishvak, Jackson, Abe, and Dian!

  • Mason presented at the Research in Computational Molecular Biology Conference!

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