Lab Updates


Congratulations to our Postdoc, Oarteze Hunter, on getting the NIH T-32 Research Fellowship 2023.
Congratulations to our undergraduate, Namita Shyam, on getting the Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Summer 2023. 
Congratulations to our undergraduate, Isabel Romero, on presenting at a poster session at UCLA!
Congratulations to Ronida on getting the Dean's prize for Undergraduate Research Week at UCLA! 
Congratulations to Riley Xin on her poster at CaSB poster day!
Congratulations to Corin Ropp for joining a Biology MSc program at ETH Zurich! Great job Corin!
Congratulations to our graduate researcher, Kaiser, for presenting at the MBI poster session!‌
Congratulations to post doctoral researcher, Laurent, on his fantastic presentation at the MCDB Retreat!


‌Congratulations to our alumnus, Kevin Sun, on his acceptance to the St. Louis University School of Medicine!
‌Welcome to our rotation graduate student, Shania Day!
‌Congratulations to Kaiser on his amazing presentation at Cold Spring Harbor!
We celebrated Emanuel's terrific summer at our lab with an end-of-rotation lunch. Thank you so much Emanuel!
‌Vishvak and Chloe presented their posters in the CaSB poster session!
‌Congratulations to Vishvak, Sean, Gwen, and Abe on winning Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research awards!
‌Mason presented at the Research in Computational Molecular Biology Conference!
‌Many of our undergraduates presented for the UCLA Undergraduate Research Week. Congratulations to Hedi, Gwen, Chloe, Rui, Lorena, Sean, Alex, Vishvak, Jackson, Abe, and Dian!
‌Jackson presented at Geffen Advanced Research Showcase!
‌Hedi, Abe, and Sean presented at the MCDB poster day!
‌Abe Horillo, an undergraduate researcher, will be going to University of California, San Francisco for his graduate studies in Molecular Biology. Congratulations Abe!
‌Gwen, a senior undergraduate majoring in MCDB, will be working as a Research Associate with the Epstein lab under the Broad Institute’s Epigenomics Program starting this fall. Congratulations Gwen!
Jackson, a highschool student in our lab, will be going to the University of Pennsylvania for college this year. Congratulations Jackson!
‌Vishvak Subramanyam, an undergraduate researcher, will be working as a bioinformatics specialist at UCSF Mission Bay! Congratulations!
‌Congratulations to Corin for getting accepted into the “Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity at Imperial College, London” research exchange program!
‌Congratulations to our undergraduates Bhrugu, Ben, and James for acquiring exciting summer internship positions at Regeneron, Bionanogenomics, and Eli Lilly, respectively. We are so excited for you!
‌Mason, Sean, and Corin attended the 11th Annual Southern California Systems Biology Symposium. Mason presented his amazing work, "Decoding the non-coding RNA Regulatory Map in Cellular Senescence". And Sean presented his wonderful project, "Core Regulatory Circuits in Cell Cycle Arrest".
‌Congratulations to our undergraduates Eliana and Madison for being accepted into the Biomedical Research Minor Program!
‌Znala and Kaiser did a great job at the MBIDP Recruitment Poster Session!
‌Congratulations to Peter Cullimore, a former undergraduate researcher, on his acceptance in the UCLA Molecular Biology Interdepartmental Ph.D. program in the Cell and Developmental Biology home area!
‌We celebrated Znala’s amazing rotation at our lab with an end-of-rotation lunch. Thank you Znala!
‌Chloe will be working as a Computational Biologist with the Translational Immunogenomics Lab at Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard starting this summer! Congratulations Chloe!
‌Congratulations Kaiser on his amazing presentation at his midstream MBI committee meeting.
‌Welcome to the undergraduates who recently joined our lab: Neelaj Das, Cecilia Lei, Jason Nguyễn, Isabel Romero, Corin Ropp, Benjamin Stewart, Gulesin Tunali, and Madison Wade! We look forward to working with you!
‌Congratulations to Hedi Zappacosta on being a finalist for the Kristen Hanson Memorial Fund Scholarship.


‌We had an end of rotation lunch for Melissa. Thank you for a great quarter! We will miss you!
‌Congratulations to Abe Horillo on your Undergraduate Research Fellowship!
‌David and Laurent presented their work on autophagy in the Biological Chemistry Seminar!
‌Laurent gave a great talk at the 2021 UCLA MCDB Research Conference!
Congratulations Kirthana, Kenya, Kaiser, and Mithun on your publication in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology: "Is there a histone code for cellular quiescence?" 
Coller lab submission selected for MCDB retreat T-shirt design
Congratulations Kaiser Atai for winning first place poster prize at the MBI Retreat!
Welcome to rotation graduate student, Cell and Developmental Biology student Melissa Emami!
Congratulations Adriana Corvalan on successfully defending your Ph.D. thesis!
‌Congratulations Mason Sparks for winning a Research Excellence Award as part of the BIG Summer Program!
Welcome to rotation student, Cell and Developmental Biology student Tyler Laws!
‌Congratulations to Kenya Bonitto, Michael Cheng, and Kevin Sun for receiving Dean's Prizes for Undergraduate Research!